AWITEL INC is a global solutions provider and system integrator in the area of IT and Telecommunications (Wired line and wireless) with extensive experience in delivering its systems and solutions around the world.  
 We design and develop a complete range of mobile and fixed network software applications that enable our customers to integrate systems for all sort  of easy connectivity, increase profitability and speed up the growth.
  As a leading International Carrier; AWITEL supports carriers and service providers with high quality voice/Data traffic exchanges over IP and TDM links; this service covers establishing Bi-Lateral voice traffic exchange agreements with Carriers and partners to carry Long Distance and international traffic.

  Our team of experts specialize in end-to-end network planning, management, outsourcing and Operational excellence and optimization for IP and cellular networks.We continue to grow our customer base each year, offering advice, training and support services, backed by high performance tools and techniques designed to deliver real benefits for subscribers, Clients, ISPs, Partners and communities.

Our Mission :

  By providing capacity and traffic solutions as well as innovative software applications and solutions, we create new opportunities for fixed and mobile communications operators, Communities, Municipalities, Universities, vendors and partners to boost performance, reduce costs and retain customers.  

  Our highly experienced consultants are always on hand to help our customers harness the latest IT and telecommunications industry standards, plan strategies and use resources to achieve maximum competitiveness and efficiency.

Our Vision :

  To be one of the best of breed service and solution provider in voice and data communication domains by leveraging on our human capital and embracing technological innovations to offer our valued customers unprecedented choice and value.

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Advanced Wireless IT/ Telecom.