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About Us

AWITEL is a fast growing professional services company in wireless industry offering consulting, development, integration, deployment and Testing Services. we support local and International carriers and service providers with high quality and on-time services and supplies.
As a global IT system integrator and provider of wireless services and solutions; We offer a complete range of wireless network infrastructure deployment and integration services from designing, installation, testing and maintaining service providers' infrastructure to site related services that enable our customers to integrate value added services and systems for fixed and mobile connectivity.
 Members of our professional teams are certified engineers, Subject Matter Experts, solution architects, and project managers accountable for planning, installation, integrating and testing of a diverse range of projects from a small to large scale delivery of turn-key solutions.
As a leading International Wholesale Telecom Carrier; AWITEL supports other carriers, MVNOs and service providers with high quality platform of voice/Data traffic exchanges over IP and TDM links.

  As an independent provider of network and data management services and solutions; we specialized in end-to-end network planning, management, outsourcing and Operational excellence and optimization for IP and cellular networks.
As network technologies continue to evolve and the lines between mobile and IP networks converge through LTE and 5G, AWITEL is at the forefront of developing new business consulting techniques to ensure operators remain competitive, by maximizing the performance of their networks.
 We continue to grow our customer base each year, offering advice, training and support services, backed by high performance tools designed to deliver real benefits for both subscribers and operators.
 Our highly experienced consultants are always on hand to help our customers harness the latest IT and wireless telecommunications industry standards, plan strategies and use resources to achieve maximum competitiveness and efficiency.