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AWITEL Services 



Human capital standards

AWITEL contributed to the professional services and products of the IT and Telecommunications industry for a decade. As technology evolves; AWITEL plays an indispensable role in getting technology and solutions from pioneers to the Telco Carriers and Enterprises.
 Our growth made through teamwork, passion and commitment of our valuable resources. 
 Join our team if you have passion for winning. send your resumes and experience records to:

Social responsibility standards
 Equal Employment Opportunity: Applications will be considered with equal opportunity no mater of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, gender identity and/or expression, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or other factors not related to specific position qualifications.
 AWITEL makes business decisions in favor of its employees, clients, partners, investors and natural environment. Our human resources policy is focused on human well-being, equality and fairness. 
 Responsibility is a part of AWITEL's mission, as well as one of our brand's values and is one of the core competencies of our employees, and as such is deeply rooted in the heart of our operations and services.