Wholesale VoIP Carrier Billing Solution           

AWITEL’s Wholesale VoIP Carrier Billing Solution enables exchange of traffic from IP to IP clients allowing system owners’ function as Carriers and Manage Real Time Traffic Exchange with Monitoring, Billing, Reporting and Business Analysis Specialized Tools.

AWITEL’s Wholesale VoIP Carrier Billing Solution allows VoIP endpoints such as VoIP gateways, IP phones and IP soft phones which are behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall, to communicate with VoIP endpoints on external IP networks.

AWITEL’s Wholesale VoIP Carrier Billing Solution for routing and reselling traffic to Carriers and Service Providers features IP phone and small devices Billing support, Multiple Clients and Web Interface for Resellers and End-Users.

Key Features

· Full Real-time Billing- For both Clients (Origination party) and Carriers (Termination party)

· Unlimited Client Support – Unlimited number of Clients or Carriers can be configured into the System

· Multiple Call Rating Tables - For both Clients and Carriers with Peak/Off-Peak time rate module included.

· Easy Management of Database - Import/export options from/to MS-excel files of rate tables

· Multiple Gateway / IP Address Support - Each Client or Carrier could be configured to have one or multiple IP addresses (gateways for example)

· Client Web Interface - Access modules for the Clients or Carriers so they can see real-time traffic and download their respective CDR (Call Detail Records)

· Hidden Client Support - If the Gatekeeper is used in Proxy-mode the IP addresses of the Client and Carrier can be hidden from each-other

· Warning Percentage Support- Will notify the owner of the system when a certain client is reaching his low amount threshold (so some action can be taken accordingly)

· Reports - Comprehensive CDR/Accounting reports by Client or Carrier for a given or selected time period. More detailed reporting for single or multiple gateways (IP addresses or H323 ID) are also available

For more info on our Wholesale VoIP Carrier Billing Solution please contact our technical team at: technical@awitel.com


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